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If you value simplicity and elegance, and you are looking for a website that you can easily manage from anywhere let me tell you about my work.

A website is an important reflection of you and your business. It should be personal, informative and clear. There are many websites out there that are cluttered. It confuses the potential customer and takes away from what you are trying to sell or show.

A big issue with a lot of websites nowadays is that they will not adjust to different devices such as a tablet or a cell phone. Many people view websites from these devices and a lot of pages do not end up looking like the original design. This is because the program that was used to design the site cannot adjust the page to the different format. This makes a website look very poor and can harm the potential sale. By using the newest templates I eliminate this issue. Your website can be viewed on all devices without losing the original design.

The three cornerstones of a successful website are a good design, well formulated text and high quality images.
When you choose my service I like to give you a few options of different designs and layouts for your site. There are many templates you can choose from so the possibilities of your new website are endless. I have a database of professional images which we can use to enhance your site, but I encourage you to have high quality photos of your product, business or service.

It is very important for you to sit down, really contemplate your business and write an effective text. This part is just important as the actual design of the website.

So have a look at my recent work.

You can send me an email or set up a skype meeting if you would like to discuss your new website.

I wish you all the best in your venture,