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About Me


Design has been a lifelong passion of mine. It started with my career as a draftsman in Germany which later on led me to work as an architect in Saudi Arabia.

It gives me great satisfaction to create something amazing on paper or a screen from a simple idea that continues to grow.

When I returned to Germany from Saudi Arabia I opened specialized fishing tackle stores. I turned my love for fishing into my career. After successfully managing three stores for 15 years I bought a motel in the beautiful Margaree Valley (Cape Breton Island).

I wanted to pursue my dream of running a motel and living in Canada. I am still operating the motel after 16 years. It is now called the Margaree Riverview Inn.

My first encounter with web design was 16 years ago. I was in need for a website for my business. I fell in love with designing websites and have since built numerous sites for various businesses.

I believe my lifelong experience in running my own businesses gives me a good understanding of what you need to make your business flourish.

Werner Buchhofer